Hardware Pins

Helical-effect linear throw diffuser on square panel with fixed deflectors positioned in radial direction. The helical throw impressed on the air injected by the particular geometry of the deflectors allows obtaining a high induction ratio and consequently rapid reduction of the air velocity and temperature difference.


J-1023 -7/16″ Cam Rod

J-1024 -7/16″ Connecting Rod

J-1037-Q6 X 72mm

J-1038 – 6X6X75mm

J-1036 – 9X9X79mm

J-1050 – 9.5X9.5X125mm

J-1050 – 9.5X9.5X126mm

J-1033 – 10X10X122mm

J-1034 – 6X6X122mm

J-1035 – 6X6X126mm

J-1039 – Ø9.5X73mm

J-1040 – 9.5X9.5X113mm

J-1041 – Ø9.5X125mm

J-1044 – 12X12X60mm

J-1042 – Ø1/2″ X224mm

J-1043 – Ø1/2″ X141mm

J-1045 – 9.5X9.5X156mm

J-1047 – Ø12.6X65mm

J-1046 – Ø12.6X80mm

J-1048 – Ø12.6X115mm

J-1045 – 12X12X110mm